National Identity Questionnaire


Printout of the questionnaire for all the participants.


Exercise description

All participants are given a copy of the questionnaire. The trainer asks the participants to think back and answer the questions with concrete examples whenever possible (time: 15 minutes).

The following questions are included in the questionnaire.

1.    When was the first time you discovered that what nationality you are makes a difference in the former Yugoslavia?

2.    Were there times when you felt superior or inferior because of your nationality?

3.    Did you ever wish you were of a different nationality from the former Yugoslavia?

4.    Were you ever jealous of another nationality from the former Yugoslavia?

5.    Did you ever feel shame or guilt because of your nationality?

6.    Were you ever angry with your own side because of the way they spoke about people of a different nationality?

7.    How do you feel now about what you are?

The participants are told right away that they will be discussing their answers in pairs and that what they say in pairs will not be discussed in the plenary.

When the questionnaires have been filled out, the participants split into pairs and exchange their experiences and thoughts (time: 20 minutes).

The questionnaire for  printing on A4 paper, prepared for being filled out, is available for downloading here


Suggested questions to evaluate the exercise: How did you feel during this exercise?

What kinds of questions cropped up?

What similarities and differences did you find while working in pairs?

Type of exercise:


45-90 min


Possible difficulties:

Workshop example:

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